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NINJASWAP are DEX with AMO, Farming, Staking, and Fair Tokenometrics
In view of the significant developments of decentralized space of finance thanks to blockchain dapplications, It is obvious that the DeFi trend has grown significantly. With this growth, finance circles lead the way, from information systems to data sharing and transmission sectors, and eyes turned to DAPs. In this sense, in the last 2 years, Dex and DeFi (DD)platforms, which aim to provide decentralized finance and investment gain, continue to be offered to the likes and services of blockchain applications that have aimed at decentralization (Automatic Market Making).
While Dex and DeFi, created through smart contracts on the Ethereum network, continued to operate smoothly at first and satisfied the buyer and the seller, as the user popularity increased, the growth and recognition of the market increased. However, parallel to this, as the overloading of the network and gas prices started to reach enormous dimensions, it started to victimize small, medium, and large-scale investors. This negative reality led project creators and investors, including us, to alternative smart chains.
Binance, with a mature vision of the inevitable future that DD and smart contracts will build, created the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) to overcome the problems and negativities mentioned above. And Binance continues by rapidly investing and encouraging the creators of projects in this field.
NinjaSwap is a dex that enables swapping, farming, and staking for BEP-20 tokens. its AMM follows the tradition of Uniswap. But it gets its speed and affordable transaction fee from Binance Smart Chain. Besides that, unlike other swap platforms, a limited number of tokens are minted. The team has no interest in farming and staking, it provides all the income to the participants. The team only profits from the AMO type special sale. In fact, 0.05% LP Fee is buyback and burned.
NinjaSwap Fundamentals:
A Ninja is a person who acts in secrecy and defends himself very well. Ninja philosophy blended with blockchain culture comes together on the NinjaSwap platform.
A Ninja does not have a master (a master is included in Ninja, but can not cover a Ninja!) and is therefore decentralized, just like NinjaSwap Dex.
A Ninja likes to share, just like being generous enough in the referral system in bounty and AMO.
A Ninja respects and reveres labor, just like the CAKE snapshot airdrop. A Ninja glorifies as needed and never gives up, just like AMO.
A Ninja likes to share success and failure, supports what Ninja believes in, just like the Ninja IFO platform.

a. Team Token, AMO, and Referral (2.8M Max Mint)
Automatic Minting Offering (AMO) is a novel approach to token sale. The token price will continue to follow its course as the bonding curve according to Bancor with the upper bound increases as the sale is made. Due to the mathematical nature of AMO, it works with the logic that gets it early, gets cheaper. The higher the number of tokens issued, the higher the price per token. This means that new tokens are only issued if the price has a new rise.
Max 0-2.8M Ninja in AMO Contract.

Ninja Price in BNB and Sold Total Supply Ninja (AMO graph)
Between zero (0) to max of 2.8 M Ninja is mintable via AMO (Automatic Minting Offering) contract.
0–2 M is the maximum amount of NINJA which can be minted by BNB submission to the AMO contract.
When X amount is minted via AMO (token sale), simultaneously 30% of X Ninja will be minted for the core team, marketing and bounty campaigns for the future plans) and 10% of X minted to buyers from sales made using buyers’ referrals’ purchase amount (no limit for referral number and one level). For example, with the purchase of 100 tokens, 30 tokens are minted for the team and 10 tokens for the referral. (The purchased tokens are instantly transferred to the wallet and can be claimed instantly if there is a referral purchase). In other words, If a person from AMO buys 100 Ninjas, 140 ninjas are minted. 100 Ninjas are sent to purchasers, 10 Ninjas to reference, and 30 Ninjas to the team. For purchases made without any reference, 10 Ninja goes to the MasterChef Reward Share Wallet.

At the end of the AMO, the team will have max 600k Ninja tokens.
Soft-hardcap is 1M and hardcap is 2M Ninja. When soft-hardcap is reached, bounty rewards will be distributed to campaign participants, proportional to their stakes. When the hardcap is reached, the AMO contract will stop and will never mint a new token.
P.S. Why is referral important in AMO?
If someone buys with your referral number, you will receive 10% tokens on the purchase of who uses your referral number, and also because the system is AMO, your tokens will be more valuable (and recieved tokens from the referral will also be more valuable).
b. Farming and Staking (Preminted 800K Ninja)
Ninja will be allocated in a fixed amount as rewards for certain pools and vaults that decided by the team at the beginning. Later on, it will be decided by the DAO voting mechanism, where NINJA stakers will also be incentivized to vote. (LP fee is 0.15% for Liquidity Provider + 0.05% to Team for Buyback-Burn).

800k Ninja tokens will be preminted for farming as follows during 7.5 years long:
Period 1: 200k Ninja for the first 6 months.
Period 2: 200k Ninja for the following 1 year.
Period 3: 200k Ninja for the following 2 years.
Period 4: 200k Ninja for the following 4 years.
c. Cake Snapshot Airdrop (Preminted 120K Ninja)
At the snapshot date range, numbers of CAKE holder addresses will be defined. Let’s say X amount of addresses are defined. In this case, each CAKE holder's address will be entitled to claim 600K/X amount of NINJAS. Namely 1/5 th of CAKE holders who rushes to claim will earn because 120K Ninja will be drained until 1/5 th of wallets claim.
d. Bounty (Preminted 80K Ninja)
Twitter Task: Like (1 stake), RT (2 stake), Follow (1 stake).
Telegram Task: Group (1 stake) and Channel Join (1 stake).
Reddit Task: Join (1 stake), Up (2 stakes), and Comment (1 stake).
For each stake earned from Twitter, Telegram, and Reddit rewards, that hunter’s referrer earns 20%. Namely, if Alice joins the Bounty via Bob’s referral link, and if Alice earns 10 stake, Bob will get 2 additional stake. There will be no limit of persons referred.
As mentioned above, it is very important that when soft-hardcap (1M Ninja) is reached, bounty rewards will be distributed to campaign participants, proportional to their stakes.
The Max Total Supply (MTS) can reach 3.8M Ninja. In this case, the team will have max 16% of the MTS.
No token for the team from the farm (the part 0.05% of LP fee will be buyback and burned), staking, and any other function.
No token sale, no token for the team.

Automatic Minting Offering (AMO) Start 04.03.2021
Social Bounty Campaign Q1 2021
Farming Start Q1 2021
Staking Start Q1 2021
Cake Holders Snapshot Airdrop A moment between 01.04.2021–05.04.2021
NINJA Yield Aggregator Q2 2021
NINJA Lending-Borrowing Q2 2021
IFO Platform Q2 2021
$NAI, Collateralized Ninja Stable Coin Minting Q3 2021
NINJA DAO Venture Capital Q4 2021
DAO, Community Governance Q1 2022
Website Improvement Q1 2022
Ninja Lottery Desk Q1 2022
NFT Creation + NFT Market Place Q2 2022

The core team consists of four ninjas:
Leonardo: He is 10 years of experience in web and graphic design and SEO works.
Michelangelo: He is a Ph.D. in mathematics, computer science, and logic.
Raphael: He is a blockchain and computer engineer (Full Stack Dev).
Donatello: He is a highly skilled engineer in guiding the masses in blockchain systems and in token economics.

Token and Social-Web Info Details
“NinjaBounty” : 0xfa141bde480d23fc8ebbe2b72621506499815067
“NinjaToken” : 0x93e7567f277f353d241973d6f85b5fea1dd84c10
“NinjaTeam”: 0xDE80c9B965511ABc839824FFb04d8E843d54D7cb
“NinjaAMO” : 0xdedd7a0f96a8d89b5336c66fcdfb29aa885f6ac3
Social-Web Info
Website: ninjaswap.app
Email: contact@ninjaswap.app
Reddit: NinjaSwap_App
Twitter: NinjaSwapApp
Telegram Group: Ninjaswap
Telegram Channel: ninjaswapAnn
LinkedIn: ninja-swap
Medium: ninjaswap
Contribute to ninjaswapapp/ninjaswap-core development by creating an account on GitHub.
github.com github.com
Thanks: We make a point of cordially thanking all those who helped us in preparing this project especially: Dhi Ninja and Ori Ninja.
Remark: NinjaSwap Project Medium WP and NinjaSwap project do not provide investment advice. It should be known that Risk is always a personal decision.